To Split, To Spread

West 56th Penthouse

Location: West56th Street, New York, NY
Year: 2016
Status: Complete
Team: Paul Coughlin
Contractor: LH Construction
Photography: Jenny Gorman
This 500sf penthouse apartment is located on West 56th Street in Manhattan, directly across from the Hearst Tower. The design intent was to maintain open sight lines from entry to the window wall facing the Hearst tower. To maintain that openness to the window wall, a wedge shape was used to delineate the positive and negative space of the apartment. The new kitchen, bathroom and sleeping zones are positioned to the east while storage is positioned in a smaller slice to the west. The bedroom, bathroom and storage zones are cut to the wedge space and constructed from simple whitewashed baltic birch plywood. The floor was refinished in a white stain to blend with the cabinetry, leaving the window frames the only black elements in the apartment, analogous to looking through eyeglasses.


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