To Distribute, To Modulate, To Fold

The Village at High Point Farm

Location: Montague Township, New Jersey
Year: 2017
Status: Design
Team: Paul Coughlin, Michelle Schneider
The Village is a collection of micro cabins to support the wellness initiative at High Point Farm. The cabins are meant to provide simple shelter and to allow members to connect with nature. The cabins are conceived to operate on three scales:
First, the Singular: Each cabin is a personal incubator towards wellness. This is accomplished by providing a warm, quiet and nurturing space that centers the users both with themselves and with nature. Cabins are modestly sized for 2 persons, not too big, not too small.
Second, the collection: The collection of cabins are designed around views, privacy and accessibility, and accounting for both community and separation. Cabins are strung together along a meandering forrest path and insulated by a pocket of vegetation. One row of cabins faces the pond, while a second interior row faces into forest.
Third, the community: The furthest cabin is a 7 minute walk to the existing Farm operations, a chalet and a lodge building. This allows a visitor the choice of separation, but always being a part of the wellness initiative.

siteplanfinal-pond-view isometric-rectanglesection-rectangleisometric-squaresection-squarefinal-wood-sidefinal-shingles-viewfinal-path-view final-interior