To Bundle, To Modulate, Of Grouping

MedModular Typologies

Location: Anywhere
Year: 2016
Status: Design
Team: Paul Coughlin, Michelle Schneider
This modular design project is developed for the acute care provider, MedModular. The modular units are intended to feed parallel hospital prototype projects current under development with MedModular. The modular units are fabricated a cruise ship manufacturer in Venice, Italy, flat packed then shipped from their home port, to points all across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. These seed typologies begin with the single and double patient rooms, an imaging suite, an operating room, and an examination room. All room typologies are designed interchangeably and can be inserted and constructed in any variety of combinations and types with a variety of finishes. Rooms are assembled in a factory in a repeatable process and can be customized and standardized for all healthcare settings and end users. Units are then flat-packed and shipped to locations world wide, faster and more cost effective then traditional site construction.


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